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22 Reasons to Vote Related to How and What We Eat

Food can (and should) shape how you vote

In the nearly two years since Heated launched, we’ve built on Mark Bittman’s lifework by addressing inequality in the food system. We’ve also tried to encourage readers to look at our lives through the lens of food: How we grow food. How we treat food and restaurant workers. How we feed ourselves and each other.

We can always do better — and one way (we hope) we can commit to improvement on a more grand scale is in how we vote which, this year, means voting for Joe Biden. Below we’ve got 22 posts that explore the intersection of power and food. Take a read through and consider this collection when you’re filling out your ballot.

1. A Word on Food and Voting

2. Agribusiness Is Using the COVID-19 Crisis to Slash Food-Worker Wages

4. Here Are the Biggest Food Issues in the Upcoming Election

5. Iowa Crops Look Like Food — But No One’s Eating

7. Are Feedlots Infecting Your Lettuce?

10. This Pandemic Shows Us How We Can Improve the U.S. Food System

11. SNAP Restrictions Left This Maine Veteran Hungry for a Year

12. Which Fast Food Chain Is the Least Despicable?

18. Nothing Kills More Americans Than What They Eat

20. How Industrial Food Makes Us More Vulnerable to Covid

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