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What I Eat

A Radio Producer’s Journey From Childhood Junket to Seven Fishes with Alice Waters

Kitchen Sister Davia Nelson talks about her inspirations: food and stories

Davia Nelson, right, with Kitchen Sisters co-host, Nikki Silva. Photo by Patrick Bolger.

You may have heard Davia Nelson’s name while listening to NPR’s “Morning Edition” on your commute. She might’ve snapped you out of your pre-caffeinated…




Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Butter, Eggs, Whole Milk & Stupid Food Fads

butter in glass dish with nice dining background

Paldo Palae Tangmyeon Review

An unopened cup of Paldo Palae Tangmyeon

Thai Food

Food Policy Networks, an Interview with Anne Palmer and Karen Bassarab

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Juliette Luini

Juliette Luini

writer / reporter / radio producer

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