The Women Trying to Save the Meat Industry

An educational working ranch shows an example of a system that’s better for employees, animals, and the earth

Over the past few years, the focus of Heifer Ranch, which has long worked to lift people out of poverty, has shifted to creating a better meat industry. Photos: Heifer Ranch

If the name Heifer sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because, yes, the farm is part of Heifer International. And yes, there is a ‘West Wing’ episode when President Barlet takes a photo with a goat from Heifer International.

While Donna Kilpatrick didn’t grow up on a farm she did spend time as child visiting her grandparents’ farm, and during college fell in love with farming.
The ranch is home to thousands of chickens and turkeys, hundreds of sheep, cows, and pigs, and six dogs.
The women that manage Heifer Ranch strive to give the animals they raise a happy, healthy, low-stress life.

Farmers have to adhere to Heifer’s animal welfare guidelines, which run almost eight pages and cover everything from making sure animals have fresh, clean water, grass, and shade to ensuring their lives right up until the very end are as low-stress as possible.

To scale up production Heifer Ranch has begun to focus on regenerative agriculture.

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