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Baked Ziti or Chicken Cutlets with Pan Sauce?

What to cook this week

Good afternoon. Last week we started a weekly, “Shit! What’s for dinner?” column that’s part inspiration, part lifeline, for fast, satisfying weekday dinners that may yield some leftovers, too. You’ll find last week’s inaugural column here. Take a look and tell us what you’d like to see in future columns if you’d like.

Here’s What to Cook This Week

Right this way. . .

Ziti with mushrooms

Then on Fridays, you’ll discover a weekend one-dish, like this pot-stickers project or a really easy brown butter salmon.

Salmon with brown butter

Last week, Kate Bittman also came to the rescue with what to do with all that squash — you’re going to want to bookmark this one.

Pasta with squash and tomatoes

Also on Heated: Not just one restaurant that’s actually surviving this pandemic, but two — both of which give us hope for the future. And for a bit of escapism, here’s a great read from Jason Wilson on hunting in France; a piece on the thousands of cookies on a cookie table for a Rust Belt wedding; and how Justin Warner comes up with the food of superheroes.

Lady Locks

Last, do you have a tamis yet? Maybe now’s the time to get one — with holiday cooking coming up and the likelihood that we’ll be spending more time in our home kitchens again as fall progresses. And it’s never too early to start planning for Thanksgiving: especially in the time of Covid. Kathleen Squires susses out some guidelines.

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