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Here Are Your Dishes for the Week

Some thoughts on what to do with all that zucchini and more

Good morning. If you have a garden or make regular stops at the farmers market, we’re guessing right about now you’re seeing plenty of heirloom tomatoes, giant zucchinis, eggplants here and there, and lush bunches of herbs. With that in mind, we’ve assembled the week’s recipe collection with an emphasis on simplicity and not too much time at the stove. (And if you’re a dessert-for-dinner person every once in a while, we highly recommend semifreddo, below.)

It’s the Time of the Year When Tomato With Mozzarella Is Actually Great

Three variations on a perfect summer pairing.

A large bowl of Tomato, Mozzarella, and Bread Salad.
Photo: Romulo Yanes

12 Delicious Ways to Eat Summer’s Most Underrated Vegetable

One of our most-read recipe posts of the season.

Closeup of stacks of zucchini with their flowers still attached for sale at a produce market.
Photo: Owen Franken/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

5 Dishes to Remind You That Eggplant Is Delicious

You’ll go to these recipes again and again.

A wide dinner bowl of eggplant dip with toasted pita chips on it.
Photo: Aya Brackett

We’re a fancy-salad-only house from now through October

It’s too hot to turn on the oven.

A plate piled high with a vibrant salad containing ingredients like sliced boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and shreds of meat.
Photo: Michelle Jones

Meet Ice Cream’s Way Easier Cousin

The joys of semifreddo.

Overhead view of a rectangular ceramic dish with white ice cream with a red swirl & garnished with blueberries + mint leaves.
Photo: KarpenkovDenis/iStock/Getty Images Plus


Defunding School Gardens Jeopardizes More Than Kids’ Learning About Food

NYC community interest in them is skyrocketing, but the city cut GrowNYC anyway.

My Coronavirus Coping Mechanism Is Eating

I’m finding as much joy in this chaos as I can.

Gardening Reveals What I Love (or Hate) About Myself

And I’ve been committed to it, more or less, for decades

Vintage illustration of a person with a push lawn mower waving at neighbors in their front yard.
Credit: CSA Images/Vetta/Getty Images

Elsewhere online

  • One of our favorite regular writers, Kayla Stewart, is over on The New York Times this week writing about a place that’s still flourishing during the pandemic.
  • On Tenderly, this piece on seven inspiring vegans of color: “Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and Asian vegans are not followers of this movement, they’re the core of this movement.”
  • A $1.4 million payment for USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program funds went to Titan Swine, which also received two additional CFAP checks totaling an additional $1.1 million on the same day.
  • And get ready for an alcoholic Topo Chico....

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