How to Make the Perfect Pie

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Stone fruit season is in full swing, and, in a year that’s been short on pleasure, it’s worth seeking out a deliciously ripe peach, nectarine, or plum for a little food therapy. If you have more than a couple of stone fruits, here’s Mark’s straightforward pie recipe that allows you to segue to a crisp, cobbler, or galette if you’d like.

Stone Fruits Are a Good Excuse to Make Pies

Not up for a lattice crust? Go with galettes, cobblers, and crisps

Julia Bainbridge is back on Heated and we’re thrilled. We loved her profile of Michigan-based chef Iliana Regan in the fall. This week, she talks about visiting Gerardo Gonzalez, formerly of Manhattan’s El Rey and Lalito, to find out why he left the city and what he’s been up to.

The Chef Who Traded Manhattan for a Smaller Island to Open Up His World

The curious case of Gerardo Gonzalez

I reached out to intrepid minimalist pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana to find out how he’s been navigating his business during the pandemic and learned a lot. And I have to tell you: If you’re a couple of hours away or less, you should go. There’s a park (and the sea) nearby — both nice spots for a pizza picnic.

How One of the Country’s Most Famous Pizza Makers Is Navigating the Shutdown — From N.J.

Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana is keeping it lean, running a 2-person operation on the Jersey Shore

This apiary is seeing a big uptick in business; Kate Bittman talks to Yvonna Kopacz-Wright and Brett Wright of Lomar Farms in upstate New York to find out why.

The Family Behind Lomar Farms Is Worried About the Fate of Bees

But more optimistic about the future of the country

ICYMI and elsewhere online

Consider the Japanese breakfast.

This is cat-facing.

Dogs are good — but you knew that already.

Armchair travel: Where to find the best barbecue in San Francisco.

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