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Meet the Trailblazers Who Want to Make Bread Nutritious Again

A handful of farmers, millers, scientists, and bakers are pushing the needle

Photo by Moxie Bread Co.

Clark said customers he’d lost to gluten sensitivities have returned since he transitioned his bakery to heirloom wheat, saying they can tolerate the new formulations. That’s consistent with research suggesting that people who identify as gluten-intolerant have a sensitivity to many gluten-containing foods, but not necessarily to gluten itself.

Grain advocates like Clark are drawn to the grains themselves, but also to the opportunities they offer to revolutionize local economies and food systems. Clark began sourcing heirloom wheat directly from a Kansas farmer; that’s become a steady relationship, and he’s continuously cultivating other partnerships with farmers throughout the region.



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Rachel Cernansky

Journalist. Interested in environment, social justice & human trafficking, Africa.