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Your New Favorite Cooking Show Is Happening on Reddit

Check out the insanely creative dishes inspired by video games and miniatures

A Greek salad cube carefully constructed by user u/TheBeartrons for r/52WeeksOfCooking, a cooking challenge designed to help home cooks test culinary limits.

Reddit’s front page has been a go-to for breaking news, memes, and cat candids, but click past the most popular posts for a handful of communities focused on something we can all get behind: eating.




Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Sam Hill

Sam Hill is a freelance journalist living in Portland, Ore. He’s written for Digital Trends, Outside Magazine, Serious Eats, Boston Magazine and other outlets.

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This is a poster about the piece with a photo of Namrata, who is dressed in pink, and looking at the camera, with her name diagonally below that. The name of the piece — When food eats me up is written at the top right corner. On the left bottom is the word Dislang written in stylized formatting.