10 Ways Restaurant Staff Can Protect Their Mental Health Through the Pandemic

It’s time to talk more candidly about Covid coping

A bartender mixing drinks.
Lauren Paylor co-founded Focus on Health to support hospitality workers dealing with depression. Photo: Shannon Sturgis
A group meditating outside.
A group meditating outside.
Meditation for bartenders at A Sip of Paradise Garden in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Keyatta Parker
Sip of paradise gardeners.
Sip of paradise gardeners.
Sip of Paradise gardeners. Photo: Keyatta Parker

1. Take it day by day

2. Commit to structure and routine

3. Limit media

4. Be kind to yourself

5. Honor your sobriety

6. Connect with friends

7. Practice asking for help

8. Self-care is different for everyone

9. Be patient

10. Seek professional help

Where to go for help: A list of resources

Andrea Strong is a journalist who covers the intersection of food, policy, business and law. She is also the founder of the NYC Healthy School Food Alliance.

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