Consider Baking With Beer

We’ll start you off with pilsner pepperoni rolls

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5 min readApr 29, 2020


Photo: Lori Rice

It seems like everyone is doing one of two things: drinking or baking bread. (In some cases, both.) Heated caught up with Lori Rice, author of Beer Bread: Brew-Infused Breads, Rolls, Biscuits, Muffins, and More, to discuss her book and why you might want to add a splash of IPA to your next loaf.

Heated: How did Beer Bread come to be? Why did you start baking with beer?

Lori Rice: Back in 2017, I wrote the book Food on Tap: Cooking with Craft Beer. That book was originally pitched as a baking-with-beer book. But my publisher felt like a cooking-with-beer book might reach a broader audience, so, Food on Tap came to be. About a year later, when we were brainstorming new ideas for topics, a beer bread book was suggested. I eagerly agreed since that is what I had hoped to write from the beginning. Part of writing the book that you really want to write is waiting for current trends to align and create a market for it.

This book is a full-circle project. I worked in bakeries baking bread and bagels from late high school through college. Then later in adulthood, my husband and I developed a passion for beer history and craft beer through our world travel. These travels introduced me to beer, but also to beer…