Even Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Have Questions About Beans and Bread

And yes, they too are having supply issues

Mark Bittman
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18 min readApr 20, 2020


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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are beloved New Yorkers — as in, New Yorkers are proud to call them their own — but, thanks to the characters they’ve immortalized, they’re beloved pretty much everywhere. When I found out that my books make regular appearances in their kitchen, I was flattered as hell (as I always am, every time I find this out about anyone) and reached out to them to see if they’d chat with me about what they like to cook, especially in the current bizarre state. It was a lovely conversation. Full disclosure: I tried my best to restrain myself, but I couldn’t help but ask Broderick about Ferris Bueller (he means a lot to me and my daughters!).

Please note that this has been edited.

Mark Bittman: It’s great to talk with you, thank you. We were looking forward to seeing Plaza Suite and, of course, it got rescheduled, so — it’s good that they’re rescheduling.

SJP: That’s the plan. I don’t know if it’s optimistic or hopeful — I guess we’re all hoping there comes a point in time where people want to sit next to each other and laugh and maybe sneeze.

Well, no one knows anything. I mean it’s hard to believe there’s going to be a baseball season, which would be pretty weird.

MtB: I know. I read today something about May for baseball but … nobody seems to give any reason to really think that.

It’s all fantasies at the moment. Can’t plan anything.

SJP: It’s the strangest thing ever, to not be able to plan anything. I guess in your business you can produce your work, which is different than I guess those of us who are sort of in some strange purgatory.

It’s fine for me, I mean it doesn’t change much at all. This is what I’d be doing on a normal day.

MtB: Where are you? Is that Brooklyn?

No. Cold Spring. My partner runs a nonprofit that does food and farming, regional food and farming, so she gets a house on the property where the farm is.

MtB: Wow.



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