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Georgia Shrimpers Embrace a Pesky Ocean Creature that China Loves

‘It’s a particularly unsexy ingredient’

Champ Warren stands ankle deep in jellyfish on board the Blessed Assurance off the coast of Georgia. Warren, a deckhand, and Capt. Grovea Simpson, right, both residents of Darien, Ga., found they can make more money catching cannonball jellies in a few hours than spending a week at sea in pursuit of the elusive Georgia white shrimp. Rick Loomis for Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Boone family made their living shrimping along the Georgia coast for generations. As Greg Boone tells it, his grandaddy and his cousins constructed a 45-foot boat and floated down the Altamaha River to Darien, where he built a commercial shrimp boat dock. The Boones have fished there…

Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Caroline Hatchett

Caroline Hatchett

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Peat moss is a good choice for this purpose, but there are other options available. Coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite are good choices for many gardening applications, but they’re not perfect. Gardeners should avoid using this material in hydroponic gardens. They also need to know about the potential environmental impacts of harvesting peat moss because these methods can have quite an extensive impact on our environment.

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