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Focus on small victories

Anything is possible. Photo: Michelle McMahon/Moment/Getty Images

Brethren, it has been a week. A month. A year. And it’s only March.

In such complicated and anxiety-provoking times, simple wins mean a lot. I’ve got a tip that involves avocados — a prime culprit in the wellness movement.

For a long time, I found avocados very annoying. They barely taste like anything unless you douse them in hot sauce. Certain grocery stores price them like tiny mounds of green orgasms. Toast tastes better with jam, peanut butter, plain butter, or olive oil. Fight me on it.

And yet, I began regularly consuming avocados a few months back, when…

Our allegiance to Hass is not sustainable

Daniel Grizelj for Getty Images

Every September, I post pictures of Florida green-skin avocados — glossy globes, some the size of my head — that I harvest from my backyard trees in Miami or buy in farmers markets. Without fail, the comments roll in: Florida avocados are watery. They’re not creamy. They’re not Hass.

They’re also not just a single kind of avocado. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has published federal guidelines for commercially shipping almost 60 varieties of Florida green-skin avocados, not all of which are green, either (a few turn red, purple, or black). Brooks Tropicals was wily enough to rebrand the Florida…


Food from every angle: From Medium x Mark Bittman

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