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Visit a McDonald’s in Japan and you’ll understand why

Photo: Okinawa Soba (Rob) via Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Whenever I talk to someone who has visited Japan, an ex-pat who has lived there or a tourist just passing by, they will more often than not mention something about the fast-food chains there.

“If they tried to pull the same stunt in the United States, there would literally be riots.”

What may surprise you is that we are not talking about different menu options at Japanese fast food chains compared to American ones — we…

Tasmanian farm lets ‘happy’ industrial chickens frolic in the sun and eat insects, giving them a taste like French heritage birds

Photos: Michael Scaturro

SASSAFRAS, TASMANIA — Call it a country club for chickens.

At Nichol’s Poultry farm, located in a lush Tasmanian valley surrounded by rolling green hills, fluffy white birds with tanned red wattles roam into and out of sheds about the size of a New York studio apartment. Some seek respite from the hot Australian sun in shady patches of grass next to their coops. Others hop playfully onto raised canvas walkways designed to encourage their movement between sheds.

“We designed a system that allows our chickens to go outside whenever they want,” said Jane Bennett, CEO of TasFoods, the company…

Experts say fast-food burgers will be made by robots in about five years

Photo by Eat at Creator Instagram

The burger robot is cool as hell. The elegant mass of machinery, color-coordinated in white, copper, and blond wood, represents some important, unanswered questions, such as how automation will reshape the dining industry. But before we address that, let’s be real about San Francisco’s Creator restaurant and its burger-making machine: This thing is far out!

Which fast-food chain commits the fewest transgressions?

Photo: Stefano Guidi for Getty Images

If you have eaten fast food today, you are not alone: by this evening, a third of American adults will have, too. Whether you have it regularly, avoid it like mad cow disease, or are somewhere in between, there’s no denying that fast-food chains, um, have issues.

Fast-food industry workers are among the lowest-paid members of the labor force, netting just over $20,000 per year on average. …


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