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Now it’s all I use for making bread

A field of wheat under a blue, cloudless sky.
A field of wheat under a blue, cloudless sky.
Photo: Kate Robertson

This is the companion piece to These California Grain Geeks Want to Boost Your Immune System With True Whole Wheat.

Bob Klein, the founder of Community Grains, changed just about everything about the way I think about and make bread.

It started when he visited me in New York in 2014 and we chatted about the importance of real whole grains. I knew much of what he pointed out, but Bob’s commitment to true whole wheat made an impression on me.

I’d been making bread my whole adult life, always trying to figure out something more honest and traditional in…

But that’s not necessarily what’s on your local supermarket shelf

Closeup of a round, dark brown loaf of bread on a wooden surface.
Closeup of a round, dark brown loaf of bread on a wooden surface.
A loaf from The Mill, made by Josey Baker in San Francisco. Photos: Kate Robertson

The way lines snaked out the door of her Rockridge shop, you’d think there were no bagels to be found in Berkeley, California, when Emily Winston opened Boichik Bagels in December.

A great bagel, boiled then baked, chewy on the inside with a leathery crust, was once impossible to find here. As New York-area transplant Winston took things into her own hands, she ended up creating a bagel that outshines the benchmark. That’s because she uses superior flour — much of which is whole grain — and that translates not only to better flavor but higher quality.

Some of her…

Plus seven ways to make them even better

Westend61 for Getty Images

Whether it’s rice, couscous, quinoa, barley, hominy, or farro, this process will allow you to cook almost any grain perfectly every time. You really don’t even have to measure anything. I’m providing a recipe for the method, but you don’t need it: Put the grains in a pot with water and cook them until they’re done the way you like them. Period. And scroll down for add-ins to make them more delicious.


2 cups white or brown rice, pearl couscous, quinoa, barley (any type), oat groats, buckwheat groats, cracked wheat, hominy, whole rye, farro, or kamut or 3 cups wheat…

The industrial food system is breaking our bodies — and our land

Westend61 for Getty Images

By Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle

When I looked out over my family’s farm, I realized that the primary crop we grew — wheat — was trying to tell us something. As an increasing number of my friends and neighbors came down with symptoms of “gluten sensitivity,” I read everything I could get my hands on to try to understand what might be wrong with our wheat. At first, there wasn’t much to read: Early on, these wheat-sensitive people were waved off as hypochondriacs.

But in the past 10 years, there has been a flood of diet books, cookbooks, and…

The ancient grain, a staple of Ethiopian cuisine, finds footing in the U.S.

All photos by Michael Grass

Down the hall from a morning yoga class for seniors at the Ethiopian community center in South Seattle, Surafel Techane was in the commissary, setting up a food processor and assembling a handful of ingredients — almonds, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and a fragrant mix of Ethiopian spices — on a small stainless steel prep table.

Techane — a New York University undergrad studying business, home in Seattle for the summer — wasn’t there to prepare the post-yoga lunch for the seniors down the hall. He’s a budding entrepreneur producing Ethiopian-inspired energy bars to sell at farmers markets in Seattle.


Modern wheat has been shown to cause inflammation; ancient wheat actually reduces it

Photo: Sina Ettmer / EyeEm

By Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle

As a farmer and agricultural researcher from Montana, we grew up with a deep respect for wheat, the staple grain that provided the foundation of our state’s farm economy. We also learned to revere it as the staff of life that had nourished humankind for some 10,000 years.

But recently, many of our friends and neighbors have been telling us they can no longer eat wheat without having digestive problems. So what has broken the staff of life, and how can we fix it?

Gluten-free diets simply sidestep deeper problems in our food system…


Food from every angle: From Medium x Mark Bittman

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