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Why you should have a potato to pick with newish Jew-ish versions of a Hanukkah tradition

A close-up of a latke.
A close-up of a latke.
Photo: PoppyB/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Ways to ruin Hanukkah: 1.) Celebrate during a global pandemic that isolates you from your nearest and dearest. 2.) Have a volatile, mostly holiday-agnostic toddler whose mood swings are improved maybe only 5 percent by the promise of presents. 3.) Dance on your grandmother’s grave by making one of those newish, Jew-ish latke recipes floating around the internet.

Some take tater tots as a jumping-off point, some frozen hash browns, others a Swiss rösti. (Are we really now taking Hanukkah cooking direction from the goyishe, neutral-during-WWII Swiss?) Many of these try to solve problems that most people don’t really have…

Holiday Entertaining

But for those of you who insist on latkes, we’ve got that, too

Photo: Sabra Crock/New York Times

I love crisp, crunchy latkes, but they’re a pain to cook one by one. Fortunately, there’s potato nik, my grandmother’s clever solution with the mysterious, unexplained name. I figure one nik equals 20 latkes, and you can actually walk away from it for a few minutes while it cooks. Plus, it stays hot for a long time and is delicious warm or at room temperature. This is delicious served with your choice of sour cream, applesauce, chutney, or hot sauce. …


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