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Literary greats and their favorite drinks

Perhaps now more than ever, two of the things we’re in dire need of are escapism and inspiration. And so, really, How to Drink Like a Writer: Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Literary Greats, which includes actual recipes for drinks — both classic and charmingly unusual — couldn’t have come out at a better time. Indulging in Valley of the Dolls as a late July delight? Try it with Jacqueline Susann’s 2 Red Dolls and a Shot of Scotch. Basking in the tub reading love poems? Take Pablo Neruda’s Pisco Sour in there with you.

Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn B. Bennett’s Harlem Cocktail


Food from every angle: From Medium x Mark Bittman

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