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Taku Kondo’s YouTube channel takes viewers to coastal California to eat seafood straight from the water

Sushi chef and Youtuber Taku Kondo holds a purple and red urchin, or uni, that he harvested in coastal California. On his channel, Outdoor Chef Life, Kondo shares his foraging adventures and prepares his seafood right on the beach. Photos: Outdoor Chef Life

San Francisco takes its sushi seriously, whether it’s spicy tuna maki to-go, a hefty sushirrito, or a Michelin-starred omakase. While the city’s top sashimi slingers are flying in fresh fish from Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market, others are working with local fishers and regional commercial fishing operations to find the perfect specimens.

Yet among the city’s sushi chefs, one man has taken a more rustic approach by foraging and fishing for ingredients along the coast, breaking out his knife kit, and making lunch right on the beach.

On his YouTube channel Outdoor Chef Life, Taku Kondo takes his audience on a…


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