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The Best Pasta Topping Besides Cheese? More Pasta, But Fried.

It seems so obvious

A plate of wide pasta topped with fried pasta and chickpeas.
Ciceri e tria at Le Zie Trattoria Casereccia in Lecce, Puglia. Photos: Sara Cagle

Meat was once scarce in the southern Italian region of Puglia — but that didn’t mean that its classic dishes lacked in heartiness.

Just look at ciceri e tria. In true cucina povera fashion, the Pugliese enriched the flavor and mouthfeel of this brothy pasta dish, consisting of fresh tagliatelle and…




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Sara Cagle

Sara Cagle

Freelance food and travel writer. Living in LA and usually thinking about Italy. Work at saracagle.com and food pics @caglecooks

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