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The Comforts of a Cooking List

Turns out, they’re inspiring, too

A handwritten list of “Culinary Desires” and a pen on a woven rug next to a calendar turned to the January page.
Photo: Sara Cagle

In 2021, I’m looking forward to a tentative trip to Italy in July. Or maybe a birthday party with more than one guest in March. I guess just a martini at home next Friday.

Though we’re nowhere near close to being able to make post-Covid plans, What I can do is march purposefully into the kitchen and make an amaretti crumble with…




Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Sara Cagle

Sara Cagle

Freelance food and travel writer. Living in LA and usually thinking about Italy. Work at saracagle.com and food pics @caglecooks

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