The First Thing I’ll Eat When Italy’s Restaurants Reopen Is a Cow-Stomach Sandwich

It’s not the most delicious thing I’ve eaten, but it is the most rewarding

A panino al lampredotto in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, Florence. Photos: Sara Cagle
Anatomy of a panino al lampredotto: Fluffy semelle bun soaked in broth, meat, and salsa verde and chile sauce.

Based on the informal surveys I’ve taken around town, about half of Florentines love lampredotto, and half can’t stand it.

Lampredotto is not the most photogenic food.
Regulars at Tripperia Pollini sit for an early lunch

The highs and lows of eating lampredotto — loving it one day and gagging on it the next — reflect the ups and downs of my life in a foreign city.

The lampredotto crostone with beans and truffle at Trattoria Antellesi.

Freelance food and travel writer. Living in LA and usually thinking about Italy. Work at and food pics @caglecooks

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