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The Secret to a Lazy Supper

Bring out the picnic food and eat it inside

An indoor picnic spread.
Photo: Theme Photos via Unsplash

I don’t care how much you love to cook — sometimes, you’re just having a crazy week and even a box of Kraft Dinner starts to look good. Many people make homemade pizzas and that certainly works too. I even know strange people who eat only volumes of popcorn on nights they don’t want to cook. Popcorn. But for my husband and me? Indoor Picnic…




Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Kim Duke

Kim Duke

I happily write about food, nature and quirks of life. Heated. Mind Cafe. P.S. I Love You. Writing coach for women. Creator of Scribbly. www.kimdukewrites.com

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