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These May Be The Best Cucumbers

Mark Bittman is keeping pace in peak cucumber season, throwing them in smoothies, making sandwiches, soups, and, of course, pickles. But these aren’t your everyday homemade pickles: These have earned a favorite-recipe-status. Here’s Cucumber Pickles, The Right Way.

Speaking of cucumbers and pickles, we also love this terrific recipe for Sichuan cucumbers along with a pickle recipe Rachel Wharton was asked to track down from North Carolina; it’s a great story.

Photo: Steph Goralnick

Yewande Komolafe is back on Heated this week; this time, she’s profiled for What I Eat:‘I Don’t View My Ingredients I Use For My Food as Niche Anymore’ — a must-read that makes us excited for her upcoming cookbook, to be released fall of 2021. Read more about her from when she cooked with Mark’s public health students from Columbia; she also wrote this amazing piece on the problems with palm oil ….

John Miller has been a regular with us since the Heated launch, a former WSJ staffer who has been doing some compelling storytelling. So far, he has given us the rundown as to why food is, in fact, better in Europe; he has defended 9 kinds of mayo over ketchup as a fry condiment, and he’s gotten a little vulnerable in writing about what happens when a failing restaurant and marriage intersect. Today — for those of you who remember microfiche — John goes to the internet version to explore how people were eating during the 1918 Spanish flu — and turns up some surprising results.

Elsewhere Online

We’re still thinking about Tejal Rao’s fall of the imperial chef and Matt Rodbard’s piece on food newsletters.

If you’re paying attention to Smithfield’s loathsome behavior since March, check out this, then listen to this, from The Daily, about a single mom originally from Sudan, and what it’s like to work at Smithfield right now.

Over on Tenderly, Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings as if They Were Real is the happiest thing on the internet today.

Last, maybe don’t eat those onions if you bought them anywhere but the farmers market (one that has vetted its vendors to ensure they’re not buying commodity and reselling).

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