12 Things to Do With Green Onions That Will Make You Love Them

We’re talking scallions, ramps, baby leeks, green garlic, garlic scapes, and chives

Here in the Northeast, it’s the tail-end of ramps season; with a cool, rainy spring, it seems like the farmers market and CSA boxes are replete with them. And while no one who’s had especially intense ramps would mistake them for chives or garlic scapes, they can be used like many spring onions, all of which can perfume a kitchen — as they do.

Though they’re rarely a centerpiece, the addition of most green onions can transform a dish from good to great. And if you’re into homesteading projects, you may even have chosen to regrow your own.

Why focus on green onions? They’re the harbinger of things to come: the beginning of the growing season and worthy of a shoutout.

12 Things to Do With Green Onions

1. Add them to eggs. You can soften them in butter before adding scrambled eggs to the skillet.

2. Swap out scallions for ramps for dishes like mapo tofu.

3. Put them on pizza.

4. Pickle them. They’re perfect tucked in grilled cheese sandwiches.

5. Serve them as a side, braised, or grilled with parsley and lemon.

6. Deep-fry them.

7. Use them as a backbone of spring soups like egg drop or pho.

8. Make a sauce with ¼ cup ginger, ½ cup green onions, 1 teaspoon of garlic, a teaspoon of salt, and ½ cup of vegetable oil to use on dumplings, fish, tofu, or chicken.

9. Cook with sautéed mushrooms in a 50/50 ratio.

10. Add them to pasta carbonara or another eggy/cheesy pasta.

11. Make pesto.

12. Make scallion pancakes.

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