This Broth-Poached Egg on Toast Is Perfect for Breakfast Any Day

A quick meal that feels like self-care

Heated Editors


Photo: Cara Howe

By Lukas Volger

I love watching people cook eggs, because everyone has their own method. My brother, Max, greases an electric griddle and carefully fries eggs on one end of it, while the other toasts buttered English muffins facedown — he makes the best breakfast sandwiches. Once I watched the chef Elise Kornack heat up a carbon-steel pan in her home kitchen for what seemed like 20 minutes, then crack a single egg straight into the very hot oiled pan and scramble it with a spoon in a matter of seconds — this was breakfast for her wife, Anna. My stepmom, Pam, seems to engage her whole body as she fries an egg, swirling the pan and turning a spatula so as to encase a perfectly runny yolk in a perfectly set white, mastering the challenge of getting both cooked at the same pace (if you go to YouTube and search for “perfect fried egg,” there are French chefs who’ve spent their careers mastering a method similar to this.)

I eat eggs often, and the first reason I like them is that they’re delicious. They offer a boost of protein and iron, plus numerous vitamins and minerals, but there’s constant debate over how healthy they are, plagued as they were by decades of fear of cholesterol. The current research indicates that much of…