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This Cuisine in Exile Is Evolving in U.S. Cities

Venezuelan restaurants are gaining fans

Chorizo and black prawn rice with jalapeño syrup, pork cheeks, and black truffle at Seven Reasons in Washington, D.C. All photos by Nicholas Gill
Patacones con carne mechada, green plantains stuffed with shredded beef, at Cachapas y Mas in New York City.
Venezuela-born chef Enrique Limardo in the kitchen of his Washington, D.C., restaurant Seven Reasons, which opened in April and has a kitchen staff that is 90 percent Venezuelan.
Seabass ceviche with coconut leche de tigre, purple sweet potato, quinoa, red onion, and lemongrass at Seven Reasons. On the right, Cauliflower tempura with mango chutney, purple cabbage, pepita cassava crumble, and parsley lemon gel at Seven Reasons.



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