Tuscan Coccoli Are the Deep-Fried Answer to Leftover Bread Dough

An Italian alternative to stuffing

Tuscan coccoli
Coccoli with prosciutto and stracchino. Photos: Sara Cagle

Fried dough exists all over Italy in various shapes and with different (but sometimes equally amusing) names.

The interior of fried coccoli
The interior of fried coccoli
How to construct the perfect coccolo.

For the over-achievers still making homemade bread, coccoli are a fantastic way to use up extra dough. Stracchino — which comes from the Italian word stracco (tired) because it’s made from ‘tired’ cows’ lower-protein milk produced after a day of pasture-roaming — can be found stateside at Eataly and other specialty stores.

More fried coccoli
More fried coccoli
Coccoli at I’Brindellone in Florence, Italy.




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