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This Thrifty Blogger Dishes on Her Least Expensive Meal

Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes was cooking with what she had before the quarantine

Beth Moncel has been blogging about cooking on a small budget at Budget Bytes for over a decade, developing recipes that highlight inexpensive ingredients that can be made for just a couple of dollars per serving. Photos courtesy of Beth Moncel.

With grocery store shelves cleared off across the country, the chances of finding every ingredient on your shopping list are slim. COVID-19-related closures and social distancing are changing the way we shop, and a lot of folks are…




Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Sam Hill

Sam Hill

Sam Hill is a freelance journalist living in Portland, Ore. He’s written for Digital Trends, Outside Magazine, Serious Eats, Boston Magazine and other outlets.

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