Why I Love This City Where Americans Aren’t Always Welcome

It involves Taquito Mexicano’s al pastor, a secret beverage called chucho, and the Wise Man of Juaréz

A mariachi band plays at the Kentucky Club, hailed as one of the oldest bars in Juárez. Justin Hamel photos.

What I found was nothing short of revelatory: Here, in this place we are constantly told is filled with death, the city roars with exuberant life.

One from the late-night karaoke crowd at Bar Don Felix, the hole-in-the-wall bar that you can easily miss.
El Arbolito’s version of chucho.
The al pastor tacos — the only tacos available — at El Taquito Mexicano.
Julian Cardona sits in Bar Recreo.
In a Juárez street market, turkey tails are fried in oil and a mixture of spices.

And then something magical happened. A man overheard Julian and me talking about chucho: Where did it come from? Who in Juárez first started serving it? Why was it only in Juárez?

Patricia Leon, the matron of the chucho.
The author, left, and his girlfriend, Sarah Bertness, drink chucho at El Arbolito.

Independent journalist and founder of Unsolved Georgia, an investigation of the murders of more than 600 women here. Subscribe at justinglawe.substack.com/

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