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Missed Our Plant-Based Meat Webinar? Here It Is

Let’s begin to separate fact from fiction

A meatball sandwich made with Impossible Foods’ vegan beef at Clover Food Labs in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Photo by Jonathan Wiggs for the Boston Globe via Getty Images

It would appear we’re newly in love with plant-based “meat,” and though the new higher-tech vegan meat is, on its face, better for the environment — and obviously for animals — it is still yet another form of ultraprocessed food. (Making an Impossible Burger from scratch is akin to making a Cheeto.) If we’re going…

Food from every angle: A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman

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Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman

Has published 30 books, including How to Cook Everything and VB6: The Case for Part-Time Veganism. Newsletter at markbittman.com.

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